Value for IT Operation

Keeping your business running smoothly requires constant attention and optimization. Your IT environment is no exception. Emerge Managed Solutions is an attractive alternative (or supplement) to more traditional in-house IT operations. 

Emerge has been providing managed services for over 10 years. Continuing to provide value in this service through the management of people, processes, and technology — to help ensure that IT infrastructure and systems are available and reliable, always.

Excelling at Execution

The Emerge Managed Services practice undergoes an annual third party audit, delivered by Cisco Systems, to ensure the highest level of execution for Emerge clients.

Emerge maintains a Master Authorization with Cisco for Cloud & Managed Services. This highly sought after authorization ensures that Emerge is always in alignment with industry standards, including ITIL based operational methodologies and principles.

Key Outcomes of Emerge Managed Services include:

  • Increased productivity of resources

  • Increased security & availability of your data and systems

  • Increased IT governance 

  • Decreased business interruption caused by technology or human failure

  • Decreased expense in IT talent acquisition and retention 

Service Desk Support

Central point of operation for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of IT systems.

Managed Infrastructure

Best practice oriented IT Service Management (ITSM) framework to streamline proactive maintenance and reactive support.


Certified, US-based IT professionals in combination with our Service Desk Support providing remote support of end user IT issues.

Executive Business Review

Regular review of the services that Emerge is providing and discussion of strategic go forward initiatives.