We have a goal of donating up to $10,000 to these local organizations this year.

When you want to share your Emerge experience with other's in your network, simply choose an organization to support, fill out the form below, and once your valued contact becomes an Emerge valued customer, we will take care of the rest by donating in your honor.






With the help of tens of thousands of individual donors, ArtsWave provides support to more than 100 arts and community organizations that make the Greater Cincinnati region an amazing place to live.  ArtsWave is creating a more vibrant and connected community by making strategic investments to drive community impact through the arts.


The Children's Home

The Children's Home believes that a culture of quality is the foundation for organizational excellence and meaningful outcomes for children and their families. Our core values drive this culture, influence our decisions, guide our behavior, and are essential to achieving our mission of transforming the lives of vulnerable children.


Life Learning

Life Learning Center delivers The Foundations for a Better Life™ 12-week program that focuses on addressing five domains of life: physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, and relational. These on-going barriers often derive from the addiction epidemic, increased incarceration, and childhood poverty rates rising in our local tri-state area. These factors directly hinder an individual’s ability to generate an income for their family, leaving citizens “at-risk” hopeless and unemployable.