BYOD and Wireless Solutions with Emerge

Everyone is demanding anywhere, anytime connectivity. The advent of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is changing the way employees interact in the workplace. “Bring your own device” (BYOD) is a concept that most are adopting. Employees are expecting mobile access to the information and applications that they use at work, on their own mobile devices. Organization are now deploying Wireless Networks, guest internet, location services and wireless voice to increase employee productivity, efficiency, while providing employees freedom and flexibility.

Emerge is a leader in providing wireless solutions. We have the experience and expertise to properly configure all of your wireless needs. We start with a Wireless Site Survey. This ensures the perceived coverage area is within range, considering building construction, design and materials, as well as any other possible interference. Implementation is performed by trained professional according to best practices and industry standard techniques. Because users and managers have to be confident that the data they are passing via the wireless network cannot be compromised ad that unauthorized users are not capable of gaining access, Emerge tests all components of communication to be certain that your wireless network exceeds your security expectations. The final solution provided by Emerge will meet all of your business needs so that your efforts can be focused on your core business.

Benefit’s of a Wireless Network

  • Flexibility to configure wireless policy, management or security settings at any time through centralized provisioning and management
  • Faster response to business needs by centrally managing wireless networks
  • Standardized access point configuration for software versioning
  • Wireless intrusion prevention system (sIPS) capabilities
  • Network-wide quality of service (Qos) for voice and video across wired and wireless networks
  • Network-wide centralized security policies across wired and wireless networks
  • Mission-critical 802.11n performance and mobility services
  • VideoStream technology for optimized video performance
  • Support for CleanAir technology for RF management
  • Minimize business impacting events
  • Reduced total cost of ownership due to being proactive vs. reactive and reduced downtime
  • Systems trend analysis and capacity planning

For more information about Emerge ‘s wireless solutions, or any of our comprehensive IT Solutions, please feel free to call us at 859-746-1030.