Emerge has over 40 highly skilled engineers providing IT Solutions such as Planning & Design, Advanced Services, IT Managed Services, and Cloud Solutions.

Through best in class technical knowledge and competency we provide superior customer service, dynamic expertise and professional integrity; all while being 100% outcome focused.

Emerge follows best practices to discover and develop an infrastructure roadmap. Our goal is to implement safe and secure intelligent information network, lower your networking costs, and give your company a competitive advantage.

Emerge is focused on delivering infrastructure and applications, securely and on budget. We know that hitting all the marks in technology is a moving target. With years of experience and depth of knowledge Emerge can enable your business to succeed by implementing and maintaining data-centric solutions.

Emerge knows that the end-user is the focus of today’s digital workplace, so our goal is to plan strategic and realistic solutions while providing powerful and enabled end user experience. Ultimately creating a modern, digital workplace for the end user, while meeting organizational requirements for flexibility and security.

Today’s business requires collaboration with the demand to work smarter through more productivity and greater business agility. Effective team communications systems evolve into unified and integrated solutions that include voice, messaging, application integration, online collaboration, and business video. Enterprise communications now enable real-time, face-to-face collaboration, making business more flexible, action-oriented, and more secure across any workspace.

Any modern technology conversation either begins or ends with the topic of security. Ransomware, Viruses, and targeted social engineering attacks are daily topics on every available news outlet; constantly evolving and changing. As Technology specialists, our job is to protect our customers, educating to the best of our ability the threat landscape and what can be done to best prepare. Because, as we all know… it’s not if, it’s when.