While everyone has been hunkered down due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many CIOs are revving up their digital transformation now more than ever. Beyond the need to work remotely, businesses must position themselves to be ready to come out of quarantine on top. 


Cloud is safe and effective during seasons of economic change. Between competitive market disruption and environmental, there are multiple forces at work pushing you to ditch your legacy systems.


A true digital and cloud transformation takes more than disposing of your legacy systems and upgrading to new technologies. You need to shift your business paradigm, and any old ways of thinking to align with the new reality and requirements to succeed. This can begin with cloud migration and will result in a technology-first, future-proofed business model.


No IT Team? No Problem!


Taking the DIY approach to cloud computing may seem cost-effective but there are a lot of moving parts and one slip can be costly. Take advantage of Managed Cloud Services as a reliable and efficient solution to transform your business across applications, data, and infrastructure with the cloud as the lynchpin.


Skip the hefty investment of training your IT team and utilize a Managed Cloud Services Provider that can grow your cloud services with you. Rather than trying to integrate and migrate everything yourself and then having to ensure data security and compliance, outsource these tasks to cloud professionals.


IT is a Marathon, Not a Sprint


Any successful cloud transformation isn’t going to happen overnight. Sure, we can get you up and running, but fine-tuning cloud technologies to accommodate your unique business needs will take time. 


Based on our professional experience, here is how we envision the stages of your businesses cloud journey:


  1. Experimentation - This is your team learning the in’s and out’s of your business on the cloud. We’re figuring out the cloud interacts with your workflows and what success looks like based on your tech abilities.
  2. Foundation - Getting primed and ready for migration. Here we are developing, testing, and monitoring your new cloud environment to ensure everything is in the right place and easy to maintain.
  3. Migration - We begin moving your IT systems piece by piece, in sequential batches. This is the nitty-gritty work that will require the most cooperation and collaboration between your team.
  4. Transformation - This is where you bust out the champagne, or at least you are thinking about how your business is now positioned to grow, optimize, and enable revenue.
  5. Optimization - This is where maintaining your cloud infrastructure happens, which includes: optimizing cost, service management, and customer satisfaction, infrastructure, enterprise and application management. This is a continuous process and should be reevaluated quarterly or annually. 


At Emerge IT, one of our core specialties is Managed Services for Cloud. Would you like a complimentary cloud cost analysis? We will give you a clear understanding of how migrating to the cloud can streamline and safeguard your business.


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