Seven Solutions to Boost Your Business Communications

Communication is a key business need, and as
such, there are a variety of solutions devoted to improving your business’
communications strategy in some way, shape, or form. Here, we’ll go over these
solutions, and discuss why they aren’t really “options,” but actually
requirements for today’s business.

1. Video Conferencing

While it’s hard to beat face-to-face
conversation when you’re trying to communicate, video conferencing provides
what is possibly the next best thing. Video conferencing solutions enable you
to hold meetings with groups that could very well be separated by vast
distances, without sacrificing too many of the communicative benefits of a
face-to-face, in-person meeting. As a result, collaboration is more convenient
via the increased accessibility to the rest of a team.

2. Chat Platforms

For those conversations that need little more
than a sentence or two to complete, a chat platform is an excellent tool for
business users to leverage. Not only do these platforms offer an efficient
means of collaboration, they also maintain a record of what has been discussed
and what progress has been made on a project. Teammates can share ideas and
inspiration as they strike, advancing towards their final goal more

3. Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol, often referred
to as VoIP, has proven to be an extremely cost-effective communication tool for
businesses to use. As it runs off of your existing Internet connection, you can
eliminate the added cost of traditional telephony, only needing to pay a
relatively nominal fee for the minor equipment needed. Furthermore, VoIP is
very easily scalable, featuring more or less plug-in-and-play functionality. In
short, VoIP allows you to provide your employees with a necessary communication
tool, without breaking the bank.

4. Mobile Devices/Bring Your Own

Mobile devices have been a somewhat
controversial topic in the workplace, especially since smartphones turned what
was once a simple means of communication into a phone, a web browser, and a
comprehensive entertainment suite in one compact package. However, with the
right preparations, mobile devices can prove to be a huge benefit to a
business’ operations. After all, if configured to be sufficiently secure, a
mobile device could allow an employee to maintain their productivity from
effectively everywhere.

Bring Your Own Device (or BYOD) strategies can
compound this benefit by eliminating the need to procure mobile devices as
well, and allow an employee to work with a device that they are comfortable
with - more likely than not improving their productivity.

5. Intranet

Maintaining a company intranet - effectively,
a centralized portal for employees to access files they need - makes it easier
for all employees to remain productive. This includes those utilizing BYOD or
who work remotely. An Intranet solution is a solid means of uniting your
workforce toward a single goal.

6. Cloud Services

Most cloud services today have some aspect of
collaborative capabilities baked in. What this means is that multiple members
of your organization can work together on a document, regardless of where they
are, with everyone’s updates reflected for everyone. The primary benefit to
this is that collaboration isn’t something that everyone involved needs to
assemble for, which allows progress to be made more quickly.

7. Unified Communications

One of the best tools for a business’
communication needs is a unified communications platform. This platform enables
your employees to keep each other apprised of progress toward goals, as well as
promotes collaboration between them. Offering a variety of communication
methods via a single platform, unified communication solutions are a great tool
for the business that takes its internal interactions seriously.

Emerge can help you enact any and all of these solutions to help boost your business’ productivity. To learn more, reach out to us at 859-746-1030.