Cisco Meraki Rolls Out New Hardware and Software for 2020

Technology leader Cisco Meraki has been watching cyber-threat vectors evolve, and staying a step ahead of them, for years. So, it’s no surprise that the company has rolled out new, cutting-edge hardware and software that is designed to secure and support the increasing network demands that define doing business in 2020.

The latest Cisco Meraki products – including a new class of switches, a cellular gateway and new security features -- will step up support and protection for the increasing number of devices companies have to manage on today’s typical IT network, which no longer has only one perimeter to protect.

Made to Manage Ever-Increasing Device Load

“In today's world, employees work from anywhere around the world and are using an ever-increasing number of devices that need to be managed, but many businesses cannot afford to run networks that were not built for these new digital demands,” a Cisco Meraki news release reads. “Those with lean IT teams should not have to choose between innovation and security, so Cisco Meraki offers an intent-based architecture that provides the secure foundation.”

The Latest Cisco Meraki Offerings Include:

  • Adaptive Policy: Cisco Meraki Adaptive Policy lets your organization group users, devices and applications that they can then apply security policies to based on identity, intent and client.  Adaptive Policy is an extension of Cisco’s enterprise-class Software-Defined Access software that lets customers create groups within networked segments. Adaptive Policy is a part of Cisco’s Zero Trust Security. It allows for state-of-the-art multidomain policy support between Meraki and a SD-Access fabric deployment. The goal is to simply secure user, device and application access to containers, microservices and other applications.
  • MS390: The most powerful, advanced Cisco Meraki switch built to date. It includes the simplicity of the Meraki dashboard for management and monitoring, but also hardware features only available on Cisco Switches, such as secure group tagging. Building on Cisco Meraki’s intent-based networking solution, this is the first switch built with Cisco Catalyst hardware innovations combined with Cisco Meraki software innovations.
  • Security Innovations: Cisco Meraki has added new security features and enhanced multidomain integrations to its industry-leading security portfolio. This includes Meraki Trusted Access, which offers device authentication without needing an elaborate Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Trusted Access lets people secure resource access without requiring installation of a mobile device-management agent. It’s built for the scenario in which customers need secure Wi-Fi and secure guest access, but they don’t need full-blown MDM. Other new features include DNS traffic protection, content filtering on the Meraki MR powered by Umbrella and enhanced Security Appliance Firewall rules.
  • Meraki Gateway (MG): A new product line for Cisco Meraki, Meraki Gateway (MG) is a wireless WAN cellular gateway that unlocks the power of cellular connectivity while offering simple provisioning and management. MG will let customers use cell technologies such as LTE to support disaster-recovery or site-backhaul applications. The device comes in two form factors and, the MG21 and 21E and transposes a wireless cellular signal to wired Ethernet for primary or failover connectivity.

How to Assess Needs and Choose Solutions

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