3 Tips to Declutter Your Home or Office’s Technology

Your organization will accrue technology over time, eventually leading to technological clutter that can create considerable problems for your company moving forward. It helps to declutter your technology from time to time and clean up not just your office’s physical space, but your infrastructure as a whole.


Here are three tips to declutter your technology infrastructure and improve your ability to manage the plethora of devices that make their way into your office.

Recycle or Repurpose Old Devices

If you have too much technology in your office, there is a good chance that some of it is entirely unneeded. Maybe you upgraded away from an old device a couple of months back but are still holding onto it for whatever reason. In cases like this, you can simply recycle the device or repurpose it for someone else’s use. Just make sure that you properly wipe the device before disposing of it or handing it to someone else for their personal use. The last thing you need is dealing with a security breach or data privacy issue as a result of not properly wiping a device.

Use Labels and a Storage System

We all have experienced the nightmare of picking through the junk drawer for a cable of some sort only to find that none of the dozens of cables in there actually work with your device. Devices and equipment might have special or unique cables and chargers, all of which somehow need to be organized and kept in check. This is why properly labeling all of your technology can make such a big difference when organizing and decluttering. We also recommend that you have some sort of storage system in place. Whether it is labeled Ziplock bags filled to the brim with cables of specific types or bins in a storage closet, anything is better than no organization at all. If you need a way to store all of your devices, gadgets, cables, and other technology, we are happy to help you out.

Use a Technology Inventory Management System

To keep track of technology in your office, you can use an inventory management system that keeps track of information such as who is using which device, how it is being used, and the contact information for whoever is using it. This will help you keep tabs on your technology so that it can’t just disappear on you. Depending on the solution, you might attach barcodes and unique names or identifiers to the devices. These can be scanned to automatically add or remove the item from your inventory. It is extremely helpful for organizations that have a sizeable technology inventory, and especially for those who assign laptops, smartphones, and other mobile technology


Emerge can help your organization deploy a technology inventory management system that aids in keeping track of the various devices your company utilizes. To learn more about our services, reach out to us at 859-746-1030.